A free course by Mehrab Reza

Making websites powerful

The right words to say and best sections to display to get customers to buy

Three videos to improve your website sales

Video 1

Discover the proven website framework that solves the most common problems causing visitors to abandon.

16 minutes

Video 2

View two powerful case studies from the world’s top brands and watch the framework come together in practice—with record-breaking results.

15 minutes

Video 3

Watch me build a powerful website from scratch, section-by-section, to see what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

15 minutes

Is your website holding you back?

A website is the most powerful marketing tool for any business because of its ability to transform an audience into paid customers. Yet, most websites fail.

It seems no one understands their true power and instead websites are treated as a necessary evil. That’s why they lack interest and fail to convert their audience.

I created this course to give you a framework that makes creating a powerful website simple. You’ll see exactly why the world’s top website are winning (and how yours can too).

Why you can’t afford to miss this course

This course is the only one of its kind

  • Explains how essential parts of a site fit together
  • Gives a framework to communicate better stories
  • Outlines what others get wrong and how to avoid it
  • Clarifies what audiences need to see in order to buy
  • Eliminates guesswork that make success impossible
  • Shows how to apply the framework to any business

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Mehrab Reza

Founder, Adlantica.com

If you have tried to communicate your business or idea before and it didn’t catch on, I know how you feel.

The difference between businesses that win and ones that don’t usually comes down to how effectively they communicate. People don’t just buy just because we want them to. They need to be given compelling reasons to act or change.

I have had the privilege of consulting for some of the biggest brands in the world and if you use the framework in this free course, your website will be on the level of those brands. Your ideas will become downright irresistible, audiences will develop an emotional connection with you, and they will dive in with enthusiasm. Are you ready to make a powerful website for your business?