Our customer-centric approach

Research consumer insights

What are your customers looking for? What messages get them to respond? And why do they make the purchases they do? Spending time here helps avoid obstacles later.

Build buyer personas

Go beyond stale demographics like age, marital status, and income. Our research uncovers what people value—not just what they look like—to grow trust and affinity in your brand.

Develop marketing strategy

Armed with information about your customers, we begin applying it to marketing campaigns that result in more trust, increased eagerness to buy, and higher perceived value of your brand.

Activate digital advertising

Instead of over relying on algorithms and bots, we uncover what turns people into first-time buyers and deliver hyper-personalized ads that are more beneficial and less wasteful.

Measure growth and results

Track your consumer’s behavior and gather first-party data that is more transparent and rich than what third-party cookies provide. Thus unlocking even more long-term and loyal customers.

Trusted by companies you love

“Adlantica is top-notch when it comes to marketing. They start with the customer in mind and take time to understand who they’re targeting. They’re able to craft compelling messaging that hooks the customer into the brand and gives them reasons to believe. Their approach to marketing strategy is the way it’s supposed to be done. Adlantica is a rare breed in this industry. They do marketing right.”

Michael Janda

Senior Creative Director
fox studios

“Adlantica has been invaluable partners in helping us take our advertising strategy to the next level. We didn’t just want an agency that could “execute ad campaigns”. We wanted to work with experts who could maximize ROI for every marketing dollar we spend. We just saw the click-through rate for one of our biggest campaigns increase by 100%. That means more people are engaging with our ads and buying our products thanks to their guidance.”

Tyler Ginn

Vice President
StoryBrand and Business Made Simple

“What I love about working with Adlantica is their process and approach. Which is basically not guessing what’s right but actually validating everything with research, surveys, and data to come up with what is impactful. We worked on brand messaging, Amazon product listings, and websites, to name a few. And I also loved that they are very responsive and able to work with our internal teams.”

Woojin Kim


“​​I love working with Adlantica! Not only are they genuinely good people, they really have helped to take my marketing and website to the next level. Their approach to marketing helped to streamline my message so that people could find us more readily and I’ve been able to reach a larger audience. I have been refreshingly happy with this group and what they have been able to deliver. I highly recommend Adlantica to anyone serious about growing their business.”

Dr. Sally Fryer Dietz

Founder and Director
Integrative Pediatric Therapy